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Featured Events


Annual  General Meeting 2016

This year’s Annual General Meeting for The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools took place at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Calgary on October 7, with 38 delegates in attendance and eleven of our thirteen member schools represented.  Information regarding the Annual Report for 2015-16 is included under “Newsletters and Annual Reports”.

The Executive Officers for 2016-17 are:

  • President: Dianne McBeth

  • Co-Vice-Presidents: Dale Erickson, Lynne Paradis

  • Treasurer: Heather Christison

  • Secretary: Meredith Poole

  • Executive Director: Kath Rhyason, ex-officio


Education Advisory Committee for 2016-17, in addition to the Executive officers, includes:

Roger Nippard, Don Falk, Susan Chomistek, Joe Frank, John Liu, Lorie Skaper-Burtch, Cindy McGlashan-Beaucage, Marlene Lambe

Co-Chairs: the Charter Board of Directors’ Committee:  Boris Vidal, Paul Knapp



"Almadina Language Charter School praised for ELL work"

In a recent article in Alberta Views magazine it was noted that many schools in Alberta are having difficulty in meeting the needs of English Language Learners. An exception to this is the Almadina Language Charter School in Calgary.  Congratulations are extended to Almadina for the excellent work being done.  Please see this link for this entire article.


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